Exmoor provides a great base to enjoy so many outdoor activities, there's an endless list...


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Canoeing, Kayaking & Sea Kayaking

When the right conditions prevail the surf at Lynmouth Bay in Exmoor National Park is a regional classic.
Surfing is ideal for the experienced surfer with a point break together with a west, south west swell and a southerly wind, the pebble and rock bottom ensures perfect breaking waves.
Good surf is to be had at all times of the tide, but as it breaks over boulders it's not for the faint hearted or novices.
Surf's Up!

The East Lyn River from Watersmeet and Rockford or Hillsford Bridge to Lynmouth Harbour provides really excellent and challenging conditions. Whitewater kayakers frequently run this river in the winter when seeking the thrill of a challenging Grade 4 paddle. The two rivers most suited to canoeing are the Barle and Exe, both are classed as Grade 1/2 rivers. With the Bristol Channel having the 2nd highest tidal range in the world sea kayaking is becoming ever more popular along the rugged Exmoor coast.

Motorsport, Off-Roading, Rallying & Motorcross

Cycling & Mountain Biking

Exmoor can offer the responsible driver with some great motorsport.
From off-roading to hill climbs and steep, rocky descents together with narrow lanes and tracks, river crossings, spectacular scenery and wildlife present both the novice and experienced driver a great time. 
Safaris provide an excellent way of seeing the wildlife and beautiful Exmoor countryside.
This is a wonderful way of seeing areas of the moor off the beaten track with an experienced guide.

Exmoor National Park has over 550 kms/340 miles of bike trails, from country lanes to bridleways and special trails.
Exmoor offers cycling for all presenting challenges to road cyclists and off-road enjoyment to mountain biker, all offer a different and exciting experience. Cycling and mountain biking are enjoyable for all ages and abilities with considerable scope for exploration and freedom to discover Exmoor National Park.
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Hang-Gliding & Paragliding

Exmoor Coastal Link Open Top Bus Service

Permitted sites are at Countisbury Hill near Lynmouth, where a huge cliff make a visit essential for the experienced pilot while Bossington near Porlock is an ideal place to get current or try new techniques.
The North Hill near Minehead offers a great ridge run suitable for all skill levels.

Experience the open top coastal link bus along the glorious and rugged Exmoor ‘Heritage’ coastline. Spectacular sea views are to be had travelling along this magnificient coast between the twin villages of Lynton & Lynmouth, Porlock and on to Minehead. 

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Coasteering & Rock Climbing

A freebord is a specialist skateboard designed to closely simulate the behavior of a snowboard and the 4.2 miles (6.72km) of Porlock Toll Road is downhill all the way.
Starting at a height of 350 metres on Exmoor with a 5.25% decline it is very pretty downhill going right down to the the sea.

Coasteering involves traversing the sea cliffs by wading in waist deep water and scrambling up rocky coastal outcrops. Enjoy rock climbing, with a basic introduction your confidence develops. North Devon & Exmoor's rugged coastline and remote hills are an ideal environment for coasteering and sport & rock climbing.